Monday, August 10, 2009

Tractor Pulls and Calf Fries

Fair season has begun in Oklahoma. We attended a local fair on Saturday for two specific reasons: so that Barrett could view the tractor pull, and Jason could stuff his face with calf fries.

I may have mentioned Barrett's fascination with all vehicles. His favorites word is undoubtedly "truck". "Truck" applies to most things with wheels, though. We are still working on "train", "tractor", "car", etc. We were pretty sure that he would be excited to see some "truck truck"s, or tractors. I don't think that I had ever heard of a tractor pull until I moved to Oklahoma. If you have never attended one, I will give you a synopsis of what occurs at a "tractor pull".
1. People show up with their tractors. By people, I mean men between the ages of 52 and 109 who wear wranglers and baseball hats.

2. They mill about, chatting about tractory stuff while complimenting one another on their 1952 John Deere, or 1960 Case (no, mom, there is no such thing as a Hoight-Clagwell like Mr. Douglas has in Green Acres). There is a big division between brands. We are Case people because we have a Case. arguments. The John Deere people look down on Case people, and the Case people think the John Deere people are snobs. There are a lot of subtleties to this tractor stuff. I won't pretend that I understand it.

3. Once the track ( a 200 yard strip of dirt) is prepared, the tractors get in line to begin the "pull". What do they pull? Something called a sled, but it's really a piece of machinery with a weight on it....I think.

4. The tractors take turns pulling the "sled". The point? Uhhhhhhhh.............

Well, Barrett enjoyed it anyway.

Then we got food. Jason gets very excited about this particular fair, because they serve calf fries from the local high school's Agricultural program. Do you want to know what they are? I'm warning you: it's gross!
Calf fries are the harvested testicles from the male calves from when they neuter them. They batter them and fry them. They resemble fried oysters in appearance and texture. Calf fries are a rural Oklahoma delicacy....mmmhmm.....I guess.
Yummy Calf Fries Pictures, Images and Photos


Jennifer said...

Isn't it fun, these things that entertain our boys?!?! You realize that you just referred to my famiily as "snobs"!!!! :o)
Never heard of them being called calf "fries" before!

Jason said...

so what do they think of people with Farmalls?

Audreee said...

Jennifer, you all ARE snobs. lol. Actually, we have a John Deere lawn mower, and Barrett has a John Deere, we aren't very strict Case people.

Jason, the Farmall people are a bunch of weirdos :-)

Audreee said... smiley got split up.
Once again :-)

Nicole said...

Did you try the fries? lol

Alabaster Mom said...

How did a vegetarian marry a guy who eats testicles? Not that I was planning to kiss my brother-in-law next time I see him, but now there's no chance of it.

M'lissa said...

lol good ole Oklahoma. My mom's mouth waters when she hears calf fries. YUCK!

Bridget said...

I feel as if my pregnant belly is now going to explode thanks to your hubby's *gulp* yummy, calf fries. EEEEKKK!!!

AFD said...

Oh my, that is the most disgusting thing ever! The newest food at the Wisconsin State Fair this year is chocolate covered bacon on a stick. What is it with crazy food on sticks at fairs? They should put the calf fries on sticks. I'm sure that would make them much more appealing.