Monday, August 31, 2009

Everybody is Working for the Weekend

It was a labor filled weekend for us. Jason borrowed a bobcat from one of his friends, and he had to do some dirt work around the house. He also had to move a bunch of random farm equipment around. All of this was accomplished with Barrett sitting in the bobcat cab with him. Nothing like sitting in a two by three box with a two year old!
I mentioned, in passing, that I wanted to grow strawberries next spring. Sometimes I think my husband doesn't listen to me, but I guess he does. I said I wanted to live in the country, and he made it happen. I said I wanted chickens, and he made it happen. I said I wanted goats, and he made it happen. I said I wanted to grow strawberries, and he is working to make it happen. He moved a giant stock tank for me and filled it with dirt. It is going to be my mini strawberry farm come spring.
strawberry barrel
I have been researching how to grow strawberries, and it seems that everything eats them. The tank will prevent ground varmints from getting them. I will also have to put a net over them to prevent air varmints (birds) from getting to them. Did you know that strawberries are the state fruit of Oklahoma? I didn't either.

This is totally unrelated, but every time I walk past this, I chuckle. Apparently Jeepzilla, our giant Jeep Cherokee, had a hard time exiting the barn. I have figured that we have four good car batteries and about eight vehicles that must share these batteries. Jason used the old Vietnam era Jeep to yank out the Cherokee instead of playing "musical batteries". They have been sitting in our side yard, connected by a chain for a few days. ahhhh.....Viva la ruralia!


Iluska Ikeda said...

It sounds like your husband listens to you quite a lot actually. (^_^)

And I am officially and thoroughly jealous of your mini strawberry farm. Keep us up on the progression.

Poosha Kasha said...

This is good news for your mother because for some unknown reason I have developed an intervention-like addiction to them. Wanna trade for some tomatoes?
Are you taking good care of my kitten?
Love, MOM

Alabaster Mom said...

Wow, Mom never comments on my blog. Maybe I've been wrong all along and she *does* like you better. Either way, you get her when she's old and decrepit.

M'lissa said...

They have a strawberry festival in Stillwell(I think that's the name of the town). Carrie Underwood use to sing at it before she went on Idol. I didn't know it was the state fruit though. Neat-o!