Thursday, August 6, 2009


This is my day so far:
Barett woke up in a bad mood at 6:45 this morning. He immediately wanted his shoes, so he could go outside. The raging thunderstorm seemed a small trifle to him, and not a legitimate reason to not leave the house. I told him "no", and he launched into a screaming fit. Once he was over that fit, he proceeded to go steal a toy from his little brother. While I was breaking up the baby fight, the dog stole my toast from the kitchen counter.

I started a pot of coffee. Then I realized that Dan, the dog, had been outside for an awful long time. I vaguely remember unplugging the electric fence last night, because something (it's usually a rabbit that is the culprit) had tripped over the wire, thus dis-engaging it. The fence control thingy was beeping, so I turned it off......then forgot. Dan was on the back of our property harassing a barn cat. I went out to get him, with Gunther tucked under my arm, and dragged him back in the house (oh....did I mention the thunderstorm?). The coffee was brewing into a puddle onto the counter, and then the floor. I hadn't engaged the lid right, and had created a huge mess of "burnt bean water" (I stole the burnt bean water term from one of my sister's friends).

Barrett has also managed to have about sixteen more tantrums since he has been awake. I know why people drug their children. I wouldn't do it, but I do know why.......

Can I just go back to bed? I give up.


Anonymous said...

oh dear! Sounds like the day started off about as right as crap on a cracker!
But I love that "burnt bean water" term!

AFD said...

Oh how I love those days.

M'lissa said...

aw sorry you had a craptastic day