Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Falling Off the Grid

Today I called the satellite company to tell them that we are moving, and we need our service transferred. "Mam, What's your new address?" I tried to explain to her that our house is in a really rural area and that our address is not "normal". Our address actually reads something like on E. 1290 rd. between 1370 rd. and 1380 rd.....not anything like 4253 Maple st..

"Mam, I need your address in order to transfer your service!" The woman was irritable.

"I know that this is frustrating for you, because it is frustrating for me. That is our address! I know that someone from your company has been there before because there is a satellite on the house." It took some time for her to believe that the crazy series of streets and numbers I was giving her was a location.

This is the beginning of falling off of the grid. We have to put in an application to even receive mail. Yes...we are isolated! There are nice things about being isolated, though. On Sunday we did some work on the house, and I sat and nursed Barrett on the porch without even worrying that a car might pass. I watched as four red-tailed hawks spent the evening diving into the neighboring fields. I could see so far that I saw a storm brew on the horizon and then dance around us. It is very lovely there, and so quiet. The coyotes howl at night, which is eerie and beautiful at once. I'm actually looking forward to our isolation. Dan can howl his head off twenty four hours a day for weeks straight and it won't bother a soul, except me.
*That picture is the google-earth image of our house. You can see that the barn (the structure to the rear) is actually much larger than our house. There are also some little chicken houses and such, which I am going to fill with laying hens!
Oh..and I have to mention that the biggest bobcat ever (I could prove that this is true if only I could convince him to step on a scale, which is unlikely) regularly pisses in our garage. We saw him leaving the premises as we pulled up on Sunday morning. Jason is convinced that the bobcat is part mountain lion, which I seriously doubt. That mofo is huge, though.
Our bobcat would eat this bobcat for a snack.