Friday, August 14, 2009

A Horse Nostril

.....and other images of Dammit Farms in August.

It has been pretty uneventful here lately. That's a good thing, because I do tire of posting chicken obituaries on my blog.

  • I weaned the goat babies last month. That first day they went without a bottle was no fun. They would cry "ma ma ma ma" every time I walked past their pen. I felt guilty, but I delayed weaning long enough.
  • Wyatt (our first Dammit Farms birth) is a month old now. He is into everything. He broke the hood of the lawn mower by jumping on it. He darts in and out of the horse pen, which makes his mama, Patty, very nervous. She chides him in goat language "bahhhh me ah ah MAH!", which I think means "Stop it, you little turd."
  • The horses are still here. We are keeping them until my father in law can find a suitable place to move them. Traveler was very interested in the camera, thus the close-up of his nostril. I love the horses, and don't mind them being here one bit. Traveler is a total brat and knocks over his water trough on a daily basis just to get my attention.
  • The "baby" goats have a new pen behind the barn. It is much bigger, and has a lot more shade than their old digs. They are adjusting well.
  • My poultry is thriving. I suspect it's mating season or something, since every time I see Shaun, my tom turkey, he is puffed up and trying to impress a girl.
  • My chickens are still laying in an undisclosed location. I was happy to find one egg yesterday. I hope it is a "new" egg. I'll let Jason be my guinea pig. (I'm kidding, dear)
  • My human babies are doing great too. Barrett lives in his "truck truck" we got him for his birthday. Gunther has four teeth now, and is very close to catching up with Barrett in the weight department. Gunther is a chunk.

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Jessica said...

I totally wish i lived on a farm. It looks so fun! and peaceful! id rather do farm work than regular work lol.