Friday, August 21, 2009

A Boy and His Turkey

One of our girl turkeys, Mallory, is a little "off". She tends to follow us around, and just lay on the ground right in my way. She is often my shadow while I am doing chores. I mistook her odd behavior for illness several months ago. I was certain that she would just drop dead at any moment. It turns out that she's just crazy, and not ill.
My mother in law was over the other day. She came in from playing with Barrett outside, and asked: "Is that Turkey hungry or something?"
I immediately knew which bird she was speaking of.
"That's just Mallory. She's not right in the head."
"She kept coming up to us and making noise, then laying down." My mother in law reported.
"Yeah. She does that."
It's difficult to explain a crazy pet turkey to visiting guests.
Mallory follows Barrett around like a puppy. Every once in a while Barrett will stop his play and pet her. It's really sweet actually. Despite the fact that she is CrAzY, Mallory is a very tame and lovable bird. She'll eat out of our hand, and she truly seems to enjoy being petted. The dogs are indifferent to her, and she has no regard for their presence. Dammit Farms is a place where poultry and hound dogs coexist peacefully.


Anonymous said...

ROFLAMO! Wow - I NEVER knew turkeys could be such awesome....pets! is your farm really named Dammit Farms? Girl, you are 2 funny!

Audreee said...

Thanks :-)
Dammit Farms is what I call our little acreage. There are many dammits here.
It started when my mom mis-read a truck that said "Dimmit Farms". I made a joke that Dammit Farms is where I live. It took off from there.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sammy said...

Is Mallory named after Mallory Keaton? Just curious!

M'lissa said...

lol that's cute! Maybe she thinks you're her mama and he's her brother?