Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I figured out where my hens are laying! Last night I was trying to find where my silly goat had put her bowl that I give her treats in. I was poking around in her little house, and noticed they were all piled in a nesting box on the wall (Patty's house was used for chickens like seventy years ago). The hens have nesting boxes in their house, but it would be plumb crazy to lay eggs in there. So, I squeezed my giant booty through Patty's little door, and began collecting eggs. It was getting dark, so I couldn't see very well. I looked up from my egg collecting to notice a ball of fur. My first thought was: "Oh, crap. What died in here?" Upon closer inspection, I realized that the fur was breathing and had a tiny pointed ear. It was a kitten!

I went to get my flashlight and returned to the goat house. I was able to determine that there were three kittens, all different colors. There is an orange kitten, a slate colored kitten, and a blond kitten. The tabby, who I call Lisa, had mysteriously appeared a few weeks ago. She had given birth. I wonder if her parents found out she was pregnant and kicked her out? The kittens all look healthy, and mama is fine. They are only a few days old, since their eyes have not opened yet. I was truly shocked to find them.

My hope is to keep them tame, so I can take them to the vet. All of the cats on our property are cats that just came with the farm. I feed them regularly, and some even let me come close to them, but they aren't tame cats. I am from the suburbs, where we fix our cats, take them to get shots, etc. So, I have a hard time swallowing the whole barn cat phenomena for what it is. My goal is to get my two females on the property, Lisa and Lulu, fixed as well as the new kittens. After all, we aren't cat farmers! My mom may take one of the kittens. If she does, then it will live it's life as a pampered house cat. The others will ALWAYS have food, and a warm, dry place to live here on Dammit Farms.


This was the best picture I could get of the kitten wad.


Misha said...

I love kittens! They are so cute! I'm glad you finally solved the egg mystery.

AFD said...

I want one! Can you ship to Wisconsin?

Sammy said...

Oh my god, there is nothing on earth cuter than a kitten. The photo of your kittens made my heart melt.
Good for you for taking such good care of the cats on your property!

Alabaster Mom said...

Your mother does not need another cat. I'm cereal.

Jennifer said...

Cute! Can't wait to see pics with their eyes open! A new kitty arrived on my parent's farm and Eli was outside with Grampy, Grammy and I were inside talking and Eli already had fallen in love. Grammy said to me "I don't know if we will keep it". I went outside, Grampy and Eli had named it Gilligan.. I went in and told Grammy the kitty was dad is such a softy for his grandkids!

M'lissa said...

Awww how sweet! Man everyday is an adventure on Dammitt farm lol