Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tradio Radio

Tradio is the best reason to live in rural Oklahoma. For those poor souls who have never heard of tradio, I will explain. Tradio is an hour long radio program where people call in and either describe something that they are looking for, or something they are trying to sell or trade. Most people call in looking for, or trading/selling mundane items such as tractors, televisions, and automobiles. Sounds boring, I know, but it's not.

I live for Tuesday mornings, because that is when the Woodward edition of tradio is on. I don't know what is going on in Woodward, or why it is different than most Western Oklahoma towns that have tradio editions. I do know that the Woodward callers are the best!!!

This is, verbatim, what one caller said this morning:
"Yeah. I'm looking to sell a 1984 Ford, Bronco. It runs, but has a door missing. Or, I will trade it for a small car, but the car doesn't have to run. Oh, and also I'm looking for a chihuahua."

The next caller is an elderly woman:
"I just called to tell you that you are doing a wonderful job."
The announcer hesitantly says: "Well, Thank you."

Just when I'm certain that the crazy train has taken off, a woman, who speaks incredibly slow, comes on.
"Yes. [long pause] I am looking for a number four. [longer pause] That goes on the wall.....on the wall of your house. ......on the outside. Mine fell, or somebody stole it. So, if anyone has a number four you can call me at ###-###. And to the person that stole that number four, I am going to find you."

In the middle of this woman's drawn out rant my phone begins to ring. It's my husband on the phone: "Are you listening to tradio?" He is calling to confirm that he is not hallucinating.

Disclaimer: If anyone that reads this is either from Woodward, Oklahoma or has friends that live there, then I am sorry. I'm sure that there are some nice, normal people that live in Woodward.


Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Ha!lol! I have never heard of that but sounds funny. I think it may be a tad annoying to me you know, come on, get to the point people. Anyway, welcome to the world of bloggers! I can't wait until you have more pics of Barrett on here, he is a cutie. I also am a sahm and love it! I also have the tv on for back round noise. I have two older dds and they see the "New toys" on and yell for me to look "mom!! I want that!!!"

nicole said...

Welcome to the world of blogs.

At least you have a radio channel that's entertaining, I get radio online from home.

Nicole from June 07

Anonymous said...

lol, I understand. We have tradio here and sometimes listen to it and have called in a couple of times. We get a good laugh at some of the calls. Take care and God Bless.

dfwforeignbuff said...

I live in the woodward area and like the show I dont listed much any more as I just read the lists on the website http://www.woodwardradio.com/tradio.html
and they have a facebook page. Yu can hear some funny stuff sometimes there are spoofts and some guy keeps calling every week want to buy sell trade Porn Mags and Porn DVD (and gives his phone # wow) the show is on 905 to 10 six days aweek. it also steams on the website above. now the big thing is facebook buy sell trade pages. huge number here I was just in San Antiono tx and they had only 2 or 3 there