Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Barrett is 9 Months Old

My little monkey is nine months old today. We didn't do much to celebrate. He crawled around looking for choking hazards. We went for a brief walk, since it was pretty nice out today. He fought valiantly against his naps, and then finally gave in. It was an average day.

I did wonder what I guess every parent wonders as their children reach milestones. How did you get so big so fast?
A year ago he was just a flutter in my tummy. Now he's pulling himself up on the couch and stealing the remote control. Where does time go?

Since I am the last human on earth that doesn't have a digital camera, I'll have to wait to get some pictures developed on disk to show the wild monkey.

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And now we're a family said...

It does happen WAY to quickly. I can't believe we are all creeping up on a year!