Monday, March 24, 2008

My Mom's BFF

For those that aren't big into politics, the gentleman next to my mother is not my father, but Justice Scalia. Yes, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, famous for being the ultra-conservative justice appointed by Reagan.
I think this picture is pretty funny, because in mother's words she is "a staunch democrat". Don't ever run for office, Mom. This picture will haunt you.
In reality she says that Scalia is a pretty nice guy. She has known him for some time, because she works as a receptionist at the country club he frequents. An unlikely friendship has brewed between them, although I doubt that they talk politics. I know my mother and I suspect that she wouldn't hide her liberalism for anyone.
Next week I'll post a pic of my dad with Keith Richards.


EthansMommy said...

That's pretty cute. My mom is a hard-core democrat also!

Tyler and Becky Rider said...

Being a conservative political junkie, I think its so neat that your mom is friends with Justice Scalia. I think its so neat in Washington that you get to meet influential people. I can't wait to see your dad's picture too.