Friday, March 14, 2008

Tornado Drill

A couple weeks ago the first tornadoes of the season came through Oklahoma. I hadn't "drilled" for a tornado since I was pregnant. A "drill" just means convincing my two stubborn hounds to go down the steep, wooden steps to the cellar. For some reason I had forgotten that there is no convincing them to go down those steps, it must be done with force. I could just leave them, I suppose, but I don't want to live if both my dogs blow away. I had been kind of preoccupied with the whole "baby thing" and hadn't put much thought to tornadoes in the past several months.

Two Sundays ago, while my husband was out on a call, there was a tornado four miles from my house. On the news they showed this giant red whirling thing right next to my little town, so.......I panicked and chaos ensued. I grabbed the baby, then the phone and a lighter(which I didn't need because there is one in the shelter) and proceeded to turn in circles. I tried coaxing the dogs into the cellar with peanut butter and crackers, but they wouldn't fall for it. I shoved Jules down the steps and she looked at me like I was trying to murder her. Dan took off and I had to chase him around the house, but he was terrified after seeing me push the other dog down the steps. I tried to physically pull him down, but with the baby still in my hands it was not going to happen. Time was going by and the longer it took, the more I was endangering my child, so I had to leave Dan and go to the shelter. Dan sat at the top of the cellar steps the entire time we had to stay (about fifteen minutes) howling. The baby kept trying to touch the moldy cellar walls and Jules just ate crackers the whole time, since I felt like I needed to make up for shoving her down the steps.I sat there and waited for the destruction to happen, but it didn't and my husband called to say that we could come up.

After that experience I have realized that I need to be more prepared if this happens again. We do keep supplies in the storm shelter, and I thought I had a general plan, but it turns out we need more than that. According to the experts we need to wear bicycle helmets!! Yes, so not only will I run around like an idiot, but I'll look stupid while doing it. My mom is moving to Oklahoma, so I think I should buy her a helmet for Mother's Day. I have a vision of her in a helmet, running through the house calling the cats. "Sally....Earl!! Willy....Perry!! Come on!! There's a storm" (Yes, four cats. She is borderline crazy-cat lady).


Alabaster Mom said...

Wow, what kind of person would call her mom crazy? A bad bad bad bad bad person, that's who.

The word verification word is "plaltzy." I think that it should be a real word. In fact, I may start using it.

Audreee said...

I said she is borderline crazy, not looney bin, all-out crazy.

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Oh man Audrey the visual I had in my head had me cracking up and I almost choked on my sunflower seeds. oh and then I think I puked a little in my mouth when I saw your "new" DH. no offence to each their own, and he can be your own :).

Audreee said...

Don't be jealous.