Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby Mop

Baby MopBaby mop

I saw this ridiculous thing on "Ellen" in her crazy inventions segment. I don't think it's so crazy. If I could figure out where I could order one, then I would do it. [Barrett, you've been lounging around, sucking ninny, playing and sleeping for eight and a half months now. This won't cut it in the real world. It's time that you became more productive.]

Barret is boycotting his high chair and his exersaucer. He demands to be on the floor where he can get into things. I put down a blanket and some toys on the kitchen floor so that he could be occupied while I did some tidying in the kitchen. He, of course, scooted his little butt off of the blanket and proceeded to draw in some flour that had spilled on the floor. I put him back on the blanket. I turn around and not ten seconds later I here a "ehhhhh....ehhhhhh". He is stuck under a kitchen chair. So, I pick him up and decide that our kitchen adventure is over. Barrett's socks and pants are disgusting, coated in crumbs, and dog hair, and yuck. I'm certain that department of human services would have taken him from me if anyone saw him at that moment. So, I thoroughly cleaned my kitchen floor yesterday, which was not an easy task. To my defense, we have old hard-wood floors that tend to disguise dirt and I just didn't realize it was that bad.

So, after an afternoon of vacuuming, scrubbing and mopping I have decided that this baby mop isn't such a bad idea. Not only will Barrett help maintain the cleanliness of my home, but he will "learn a sense of responsibility" as the package says. I wonder if they make one with the mop on the butt? He is a better scooter than crawler.


Mainegirl/Pauline said...

I saw this post earlier but now I am able to comment. I like the idea, esp. since I am not one who loves to clean. Hey, lets teach these kids early.

evelonies said...

omg, i need this so bad! especially since ds army crawls instead of actually crawling on his hands an dknees! :P

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Audrey, you get up wayyyyy too early!! Don't tell me that you are up feeding! Anyway you posted to me at 630am, crazy woman, go back to bed.LOL!!!

And now we're a family said...

Now that is a something useful! The chore I hate the most is mopping the kitchen floor! lol. I say put 'em to work early!

bridge said...

That is flippin hilarious! my favorite part is "learn a sense of responsibility" ahhh I think I would totally buy this product too!