Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Michael or Miguel?

This is the driver to Barrett's little people dump truck. It said on the package that his name is Michael. Jason always calls him Manuel, because...well...because he doesn't look like a "Michael". I corrected Jason and told him that Miguel is actually Spanish for Michael.
I'm not sure that Miguel is actually hispanic. When I was taking this picture I was thinking he looks Native American......or is he Pakistani? Hmmmmm....the possibilities are endless. I have noticed that a lot of toys have this indefinite race thing going on. That's fine. It's politically correct...I guess. Some of us are on the extreme end of the skin color spectrum, because we are African American or Caucasian. I guess these middle of the road toys are supposed to make everyone happy.
I certainly want my kids to be accepting of everone (My two main parenting schticks is that I want them to be accepting and generous). So, no I don't want all of their toys to be lily white. I just think it's funny how the toy companies decided that this non-descript race would be offensive to none and appealing to all.
Oh...sorry the picture is so blurry. My camera didn't want to focus on his name is.


Mainegirl/Pauline said...

You have too much time on your hands.... go ride the horses!


Audreee said...

I don't have any time actually. I have a baby stuck to my boob right now. My life is just void of adult contact and I have too much time to think.