Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dead Goat, New Goat, Red Goat, Blue Goat

One of our rescue goats, Selma, passed away almost two weeks ago. I was too sad to even mention it. She was an elderly girl, and it was a risk we took when we adopted her. She had scours (diarrhea) one morning and we called the vet, gave her electrolytes, kept an eye on her. By five o'clock she had gone to sleep in her little house. We didn't have enough time to save her. My natural instinct is to feel guilty, but I know in my heart of hearts that it was just her time to go. She didn't get loaded onto a slaughter truck, packed in filth with dozens of other goats. Her little goat soul transcended from a peaceful place to an even more peaceful place.

Jason took on the task of removing her remains, which I'm sure was an unpleasant process. I didn't want to see her void of life. I saw, by accident, her body loaded into a truck bed headed out the back gate. The pink collar, that I had lovingly chose for her, was no longer around her neck.

Goodbye, Selma. We loved you. I looked forward to seeing you, to pushing you out of the way so I could get in the gate. We didn't know you long, but you let us know you were a sweet girl who loved cookies and back scratches. You had a crush on my husband, but I can't blame you, he is a good guy. I hope you're happily eating grass in an infinite field of green.

This bites. I'm seriously considering starting another blog just for animal obituaries.
Who put the hex on us? No....seriously, who did it? Nothing else seems to make sense. How can so much bad luck come to our little farm?

We are going to get another goat from rescue, another doe to keep Patty company. She was being starved, thus was seized and placed in rescue. She is currently nursing a buck kid, so we get a bonus goat! We were supposed to get her today, but she has pink eye and we have to wait for it to clear up before we can collect her. Once again....why can't anything ever go smoothly?I swear that I have an ex-boyfriend somewhere that has taken up the practice of voodoo!


Erika said...

Thats some of the chance you taking in rescuing other animals. You don't fully know their history. Or you have crazy inlaws who harm your precious pets. :( It isn't you, and eventually all your good deeds and saving of others is going to push mounds of good karma on you!

I want a little farm too. I live vicariously through your animals for now!

Iluska Ikeda said...

I don't know if that was your intention, but you brought tears to my eyes with Selma's story. May she rest in peace.

I grew up on a small farm and I feel so bad for the way animals are treated in some places. Good for your for rescuing them! That's admirable.