Friday, October 30, 2009


We went to a local pumpkin farm yesterday. It had just rained, the field was muddy, the wind was cold, but we had fun. We were the only ones there. An older gentleman with "PAPA" emblazoned on his sweatshirt emerged from his warm house to greet us. "It's a muddy mess out there, but you are welcome to go out. Pick whatever you like, and take as many pictures as you want." So...we did just that.

Gunther was very happy about his pumpkin.

Later my mother in law, or Nana as the kids call her, came over and we carved pumpkins. This is a crummy picture of our end result. Jason took off all week. At the beginning of the week he picked up a spray gun to finish painting our you can see he did not use it. He was too busy watching horror movies that earned a whopping one star, such as "Eaten Alive" made in 1977......boy am I ready for him to go back to work.
Oh, and these are the fancy cows that live at the pumpkin farm. I just liked them. I think Dammit Farms could use a longhorn cow. I don't know what for......but they are cool. No?