Friday, June 5, 2009

A Work of Art

We have a "mother in law room" attached to our detached garage. It's just a room where we keep our deep freeze. It's where we kept our chickens when they were hatchlings, and where we put our baby goats at night for the first few weeks.
We have recently moved the goats out of the room, but there are a bunch of flies in there. In the past few mornings, a couple purple martins have followed me in to catch flies. I left the door open, so they could naturally eliminate our flies. I left the door open all day yesterday. When I came home from a short trip into town with my mom, I noticed this nest above the door. Crap on a cracker! Why did they decide to build a nest in a place that they have limited access to?
To be fair, my husband had warned me to keep the door closed for this exact reason. Did I listen to him like I never do? nope. Jason, you were right. That was painful to type.
Anywho, the nest is quite an impressive work. They completed it in just a few hours. It's an intricate tangle of grass and hay sealed with dollops of mud. I'm really in awe, and just heartbroken that they can't utilize their major construction effort. I figure the least I could was share their work with the mean my four readers.


Misha said...

I have to say that the thumbnail of that photo that popped up in my blog updates mini-feed looked like a pile of crap in the corner! I was slightly afraid to open your blog to find out about it! I'm relieved that it was only mud!

mhuffman said...

I agree I was a little nervous to find out what that was. Pretty impressive work. I know it is hard to say that your husband is right. It is for me!

Audreee said...

LOL....It does look like a pile of crap. I didn't even think about that.

Susie said...

Wow, that is impressive! I would have said alot more than "crap on a cracker", though, if I'd seen that in any nook or cranny of my property! I'm such a sissy city slicker, even though I was raised in the "counnnttrryy" (said with a drawl)!