Friday, June 12, 2009

Get Your Own Blog

This is my suggestion to my mother and my husband. They are both always putting in requests as to what I should write about.

My mother was disappointed that I didn't list her on the "seven things that I love" in my previous post. She was also disappointed that I didn't give her partial credit for the naming of "Dammit Farms". So, I'll set the record straight: I love my mother, and she was the driving creative force behind naming my acreage Dammit Farms. Happy? I'll even post a picture of my lovely mom for you all to view.

Jason thinks that a blog post titled "I am Mean to My Husband" is in order. Uh...take a deep breath. Hold it.....keep holding. Just wait for me to deliver that one. This is how mean I am to my husband: This morning I laid his clothes out for him, I made him ovaltine, and I nuked a piece of pizza for him. Geez, I am a wretched bitch.

Jason will get his "I am Mean to My Husband" post when he lets me post pictures of him. For those that are curious, he looks a lot like this:
my sexy ass man Pictures, Images and Photos
Dear Faithful Readers,
If I stop blogging for more than a couple weeks, then call the cops, or Dateline, or something. It's probable that Jason has read this post and has snuffed me out. I'll give one of my friends my blog password, so that they can post my obituary.


AFD said...

My mom gets mad at me if I blog about something that I haven't told her yet. She'll say, "Good thing I read your blog, or I wouldn't know about (blank)." Sorry mom, I'll make sure to check in with you before I hit "post." I really enjoy your blog!

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

LOL! It has been a couple days, should I worry yet?

Audreee said...

I'm still alive. I don't think he has read it yet.

Alabaster Mom said...

It just occurred to me . . . when I talked to you earlier and you said you'd been sick since Friday . . . are you sure Jason didn't hand you a murky beverage and say, "Drink this - I made it special just for you!"