Monday, June 15, 2009

Pitocin for Goats?

Patty still hasn't had her baby. I can feel movement on her left side, where the kid(s) are, so I believe her baby is fine. Patty is still mobile enough to bust into the chicken house and eat their feed. Her appetite for treats hasn't slowed at all. She hasn't been grazing as much, because she is hugely pregnant and it has been well over ninety degrees for the past few days. Any woman that has endured the late stages of pregnancy during summer can understand this.

Last night I had a dream that we were hosting some lavish party, because we have those all the time ;), and Patty cam into the middle of it and started having her baby. The guests were horrified, but I was excited.
My friend Nora, from That Nora Girl (it's on my blog roll.....I'm too lazy to make a link this morning), was the one to suggest that we get her some goat pitocin. I'm sure if I called one of the country vets out here, and asked them to induce my goat's labor that they would laugh at me.
Getting a "belly pic" of a goat is not that easy, but I tried.


Misha said...

Haha! Don't forget the goat epidural. I can't even tell she's pregnant, do you have any pre-pregnancy photos?

Audreee said...
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Audreee said...

No. That slut got knocked up before we ever adopted her.