Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Watch Out, Ladies!

There is a new rooster in the hen house. His name is Marlon. Marlon is a name that I had on the top of my list each time we were naming the boys. Jason didn't like it because it means "big fish". I tried to explain to him that a Marlin is a big fish and Marlon is French for Merlin. They are totally different names....uh-duh!

Anyway, I wasn't going to give the name Marlon to just any creature. Marlon the rooster is totally deserving of his name. He came to us during a thunderstorm one night. My neighbor, his former owner, snatched him out of a tree where Marlon had nested that evening. We plunked him in the hen house. Marlon was low on the totem pole over at Sam and Kathy's place (our neighbors'). They have several roosters, so he had never "had" any hens as Sam put it. Imagine his delight to wake up as the sole male among many hens. Ohhh...he "has" hens now. My girls are a laying like crazy!

Although I miss Antonio, Marlon is a lot nicer to my hens. Antonio was known to rip feathers out of their butts during the love making process. Marlon gets the job done without any injury. Antonio would just chow down at feeding time. Marlon watches over the hens while they eat and then he will eat once they are done. Marlon is a gentle Romeo, and an expert at strutting. Welcome home, Marlon!


Erika said...

Sounds like the perfect addition for your little farm!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...


Welcome Marlon!!!

Sammy said...

I knew a guy named Marlen. His parents were Socialists and they chose his name by combining Marx and Lenin. Clever, no?

Marlon is a great name for a rooster!