Friday, May 15, 2009

The Wallpaper Game

We live in an old farmhouse, as I have mentioned before. We exist in a never-ending renovation project. For some reason, my husband decided to rip down the old wallpaper in a couple rooms, and see what was behind it. It has been a year...and we know what's behind the wallpaper (more wallpaper, and then ancient solid wood walls), however we still haven't put forth the effort to find a new covering for them. Apparently we need to spend more time knowing the history of our walls before we can move forward. Uh...yeah...I'll go with that. Every day, as I sit on the potty, or brush my teeth, I like to play the "wallpaper game". I like to look at the shredded layers of wallpaper and ponder: "What decade was that from? Hmmmm...the 40's. That one is definitely from the seventies. aye caramba!"
I've included some samples, so you too can play the game. It's a blast! I'll give you a hint: the top picture is actually exposed wood, not wallpaper. If you are really good, you can guess the age of our house by these walls. Another hint: I'm pretty sure that the type of tree from which the wood used to build our house is now extinct.

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AFD said...

Ugh...removing wallpaper is the worst! Unless it all comes off in one piece...that's awesome!