Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trucks and Dogs

The other morning Barrett and Jason were watching Barrett's decidedly favorite show, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". I was in the next room making breakfast, and overheard their conversation.
Barrett: Shoe! Shoe!
Jason: Uh...yes, Barrett, it's a rat in shoes.
Barrett likes to point out whatever he can name, and in this case it was Mickey's shoes. Jason, I might add, has a strong stance against what he calls "the cutefication of rodents".

A few minutes later Jason called out to me: "He really does like this show."
Me: I know he does. I was considering making it the theme to his party.
Jason: What? He likes trucks and dogs. Why do you have to bring Disney into this and make it expensive? Trucks and dogs.

Just out of curiosity, I did some digging around on party supply websites to see if there was in fact a "trucks and dogs" theme for any of their assorted craptastic party wares. NO. However, there are way weirder themes than that. I was hoping that I could find some outrageously priced cake plates, and cups with both trucks and dogs printed on them, solely for the purpose of irritating my husband. Alas....I found none.

In my search for dogs I found a bunch of stuff we these odd looking dogs with giant heads and small bodies. I am very disturbed by these images and most certainly do not want to serve cake on top of them.
dog Pictures, Images and Photos
Soooo, we are just sticking with a truck theme for Barrett's party.
I couldn't decide whether to go with construction trucks, firetrucks, or monster trucks. I have decided to combine them all. We'll have monster truck plates, bulldozer balloons, firetruck banners. The kid just like trucks, doesn't matter what kind. The adults that attend may think that I have stopped taking my crazy pills, but it's not their party, so I don't care.


Jason said...

there is a party store near here where we found the playhouse disney party stuff for not too much. of course you kind of have to go through and decide which things you'd like to get and which things you just get the generic versions of... we bought a bunch of winnie the pooh colored (yellow) wares and made some little tigger and pooh goodie bags and decorated with all his tigger and pooh stuffed animals. I used a yellow sheet that was about the same color for the table cloth and a giant tigger for the center piece... it didn't end up costing that much, but i haven't looked at the mickey moose stuff.

Finn watches that sometimes and tries to sing the hot dog song, but just says " dog dog dog dog dog..." and dances :0)

Alabaster Mom said...

You may as well pick it while you can. Eventually he'll pick the theme and you'll have to go with it no matter how bad it s ucks.