Monday, May 11, 2009

Craft of the Year

I'm not really a crafty sort. I don't sew or scrapbook, crochet or knit. I do, however, have a creative eye and an excess of diaper boxes. Those things don't just collapse down and disappear. I'm always trying to find a home for them. I didn't realize what a luxury trash/recycling service was until I moved to ruralia.

After drinking about a six cups of coffee to combat my chronic fatigue, I started taking on random projects. I constructed a fort for Barrett out of diaper boxes, random boxes from Sam's Club, and packing tape. It is gorgeous, no?


It lasted for about an hour. Barrett realized that climbing on top of it was way more fun than playing in it. Of course.


Nicole said...

It is actually really cool.

If the survival time would have been longer I would just have suggested to add some paint or spray paint and your creative eye would have created a masterpiece.

I have a few boxes waiting in the shed for a day someday or just trashday.

mhuffman said...

I am with you on not being crafty, but it looks like you are doing pretty well! I bet he had tons of fun in the hour it lasted. You gotta love those little boys!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Has it got a TV in it too?