Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Blogger has been giving me a hard time as of late. Every time I leave a comment, I have a fifty/fifty chance of it actually going through. I wrote a page-long response to Alabaster Mom, only to have it not post. I'm unhappy. This is actually a long-winded response to my lovely sister's blog (her February 2 post), which you will see at the top of my blog list.

Top tracks of 08:

1. Fleet Foxes-- White Winter Hymnal

2.Grizzly Bear-- Knife

3.TV on the Radio--Golden Age

4. Fleet Foxes--- Ragged Wood

5.Department of Eagles-- No One Does it Like You

6. Rapture-- No Sex for Ben

7.Beck--Soul of a Man

8.Bon Iver-- For Emma

9. Republic Tigers--Buildings and Mountains

10.Albert Hammond Jr.---GFC

My desert island list of albums:

1. Radiohead---Bends

2.Beck--Midnight Vultures

3.Fleet Foxes--Fleet Foxes

4. The Strokes -- Is This It

5. Beck --Sea Change

6. Johnny Cash--At Folsom Prison

7.PJ Harvey-- Dry

8.The Beatles --Revolver

9.Notorious B.I.G.----Ready to Die

10. The Rolling Stones----Exile on Main Street

Feel free to comment on my list, or make your own.

Alabaster Mom, we should make a joint music blog. We can call it Alabaster Red......or something.

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Alabaster Mom said...

I'm with you on Revolver and Exile on Main Street. Johnny Cash, too. I think PJ Harvey is an acquired taste and I haven't quite acquired it. I'll give it another shot, though.

I'll have to fire up iTunes and check out a few of your other selections (I've not heard of Grizzly Bear or Department of Eagles).

I really think you should work on getting an iPod (or some sort of MP3 player for Mother's Day). You've birthed two children - it's the least you should get.

The radio sucks out here (and I don't have satellite radio) so I listen to podcasts like Sound Opinions and All Songs Considered (and then read the listener feedback on the blogs) to try to keep up with new stuff. I have a few tracks on my "to be downloaded" list including stuff by Girl Talk, Blitzen Trapper, and Ra Ra Riot. Also waiting for the new M Ward album to be released.

I didn't realize that we like so much of the same music until my last visit. You'd think we were sisters or something!