Friday, February 13, 2009

Have Dis

Barrett's latest and most used phrase is "have dis". Have dis means both I want that, and have this. He points at various things and says: "Have dis". He was in the toy aisle with his Meemaw a couple weeks ago, eagerly pointing at every other thing. "Have dis". Meemaw had three different things in the cart and was struggling to negotiate. I helped her sneak out the items that he had already lost interest in, and they settled on a playset with roaring lions.

The second meaning of have dis is the more frustrating of the two. Barrett is a very good helper, and he likes to bring things to the people they belong to. He also likes to bring me things that he has no use for.

Things Barrett has brought me while saying have dis:
  • a full glass of tea, which he was holding over his head
  • numerous orange peels (he expects me to replace them with a fresh orange slice)
  • my shoes (which he waited for me to put on, even though it was eight at night and I was in pajamas)
  • a half-consumed cracker
  • a sand bur he pulled out of his own foot (he's a tough little turd)
  • my debit card ( apparently he found my wallet)
  • diapers (I joyfully collect them...he seems to think)

Jason said that he was once rudely awaken by Barrett saying "have dis" and shoving a cold piece of crumpled toast up his nose. I have vainly attempted to rest on the couch, only to have toys and various household items piled on me, Barrett uttering "have dis" with each addition to the pile. Barrett often brings me the broom or the vacuum "have dis". What are you trying to say, Barrett?


Nicole said...

That is just too cute!

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

LOL! Cooper's is "I get" same type of meaning as Barrett's.

mcumber1 said...

I missed his "have dis" phase, but that boy does want to hand you your shoes and YOU had better put them on...who cares that its New Years Eve and you are in your pj's. ugh, I want to squeeze those boys right now!!!