Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Rooster and a Skunk

Many thanks to Meemaw for making Gunther's skunk costume! Also, a big thanks to my nephew for passing down the rooster costume to his little cousin, Barrett. We had a lot of fun trick or treating. Barrett could hardly carry his sack, it was so full of candy by the end of the night.


Alabaster Mom said...

I remember that rooster costume! Too funny. The skunk costume turned out great. I am going to submit an order to Meemaw ASAP so we can be first in line for next year. One sewing Meemaw + 5 grandkids = serious competition.

My word verification is Pulan. He was Mulan's never-do-well brother.

M'lissa said...

The skunk costume turned out awesome. The boys look adorable!

That Nora Girl said...