Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation from the Internet

  • I discovered that I am actually a damn good housekeeper if I don't have the call of the computer constantly beckoning me.
  • I started potty training Barrett. I had low expectations, but he superseded them. He is wearing a DRY pull up right now. Mama so proud!
  • I found out what happens when you leave a diet coke in the freezer and forget about. I do not dare anyone to try this experiment. I have yet to clean the diet coke icicles hanging from the top of my freezer.
  • I watched a lot of the History Channel. I may have learned something.
  • Barrett began his refrigerator obsession. He is currently working on my high-tech duct tape locks. I have approximately ten minutes before he starts sticking his grubby hands in the leftovers.
  • I got to hang out with my super-cool niece, who is ten. It's so nice to have a girly girl around in this sausage fest. She goes back to Virginia Thursday :-(
  • We learned that Gunther will move really fast if you hold a spoon full of ice-cream in front of his face.
  • I became engrossed in the show "Jesse James is a Dead Man". I think it's a side-effect of living with a bunch of boys.

I think that's it.


Jessica said...

haha! i LOVE jesse james...he reminds me of my husband...Hes also a bad boy and i LOVE me a bad boy. Yum!

AFD said...

Oh potty training...what fun. I'm glad I've found a SYTYCD friend! Yay!

M'lissa said...

Wow impressive. We missed you online though!