Monday, March 9, 2009

Teen Wolf, Is That You?

Rumble the Bison Pictures, Images and Photos

Last night we went to the Oklahoma City Thunder game. It was a good time, except the fact that I spent half the game trying to figure out what in the world the mascot was supposed to be. We had good seats and he was all of twenty feet away, but it was still baffling. He lowered from the ceiling, in a dramatic fashion, right before the game. My reaction was: "What the f*&4@ is that? Teen Wolf?"

Turns out he is "Rumble the Bison". That was what a sign indicated "This way to get Rumble the Bison's autograph". Jason wouldn't let me go get his autograph, though. Party pooper.

Teen Wolf Pictures, Images and Photos
Tell me you don't see the similarities.

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Alabaster Mom said...

I definitely see the resemblance.

Oh, your niece is sending you a drawing. I mailed it today. She said, "Send this to Aunt Craggy. Aunt Craggy is so nice to us."

"Speak for yourself, kid," I told her.

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