Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I don't have a brother, but I was blessed with two sisters. Even though my sisters are much, much older than me(insert groans coming from Wisconsin, and Virginia), we are still close. I have never once wished for a brother. My husband has two sisters, and although they all get along and have love for one another, he has always wanted a brother. I can kind of understand; I'd feel shafted if I didn't have same-sex siblings.

Our children are the only set of brothers within the family. I have the honor of watching their relationship form and grow. I fully expected that Barrett would resent the baby, that I had ruined his life by having another child. To my surprise, he adores the little guy. He has from the the day he met him. He pats his head, he brings him blankets, he holds his hand in the car. Gunther is his little friend. I'm tandem nursing, and Barrett often "pets" Gunther while they are both on the breast. Many times they fall asleep head to head, each one on his respective "ninny". Although it is/was difficult having them so close together, I'm glad that it worked out this way. Since Barrett was so little when Gunther was born (16 months), neither of them will ever remember being without the other.

I'm excited to see the journey they take together. I'm sure there will be squabbles. "Mom, Gunther is touching my toys!"......"Mom, Barrett hit me!"

I think that they will always be close. I don't feel guilty for getting pregnant while Barrett was still a baby anymore. He seems very grateful for his "nursing buddy".


Alabaster Mom said...

I dunno, I'm still kinda irritated that you weren't the baby brother I specifically requested. ;-)

I was telling Mom about some of the ways Mona and I would torture you. Like when you would say you were "done" with something, we'd say, "What? You're DUMB?!" And then there was the ever-popular making you hit yourself with your own hand. Ah, good times. I'd apologize, but I think the blame really lies with Mom and her poor family-planning skills. Who has kids 11 3/4 years apart?

That Nora Girl said...

What a beautiful photo! I really love this post. Picturing Barrett holding Gunther's hand, and bringing him blankets... that's so sweet.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

This is my favorite post in a long time... I love it...

One of my biggest dreams is that my daughters grow up to be best friends... Neither one of my three girls remembers life without the other 2, not even the oldest.

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Oh and don't forget the ever popular "Mom, Gunther is looking at me!" I agree it is special, but man some days are tough! Good luck!