Monday, May 5, 2014

I Have A Secret

I'm still nursing my two year old. Not often. Usually just at bed, or nap time. I have felt ashamed of "extended" nursing in the past. I'm tired of feeling that way. In a world that is filled with violence, and injustice...I don't know why it is even a source of ridicule. I extended nursed my older two boys, and they are well adjusted, bright, and healthy. Just because one nurses a baby beyond twelve months does not mean that the kid will be stuck to a boob until he's nine. That seems to be a popular opinion. I hope to wean him soon, but at our own pace. For now I am trying to enjoy every sweet, snuggly moment of "ninny time", as he calls it. I know that, in the big scheme of things, this time that my child and I are so physically connected is short. So, for the remainder of that time, I am not going
to skirt the truth, or feel bad about how I am parenting. I'm going to continue on, and be content. I will no longer feel uncomfortable because I KNOW that many people think what I do is gross. It's not, and I feel bad for those people. They must really be bored to be bothered by toddlers, and boobs.

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