Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Thoughts on Being an Herbivore

This will be the first, and last time that I will discuss this. I decided to go "vegan" about a year and a half ago. My reasons were many: I needed to lose weight after my last pregnancy, I had joint pain and didn't want to go on meds (toxins from dairy can accumulate in joints), and I had always wanted to sever myself from any possible animal cruelty. It seemed a logical solution to my problems. After about two weeks of sticking to my "vegan" diet, I had lost six pounds, my mood was more even, and I felt better overall. So, I have stuck with it.

At first I didn't tell anyone unless I had to. If I went to a baby shower, or a birthday party, I would nibble off the veggie platter, and pass on the cake. I'm sure everyone just thought I was on a post-baby diet. My reasons for hiding it stem from being a vegetarian for many years, and having people be mean to me about it. I have never understood it. I am not preachy about it...I see it as a simple personal preference. My kids, and my husband eat meat, dairy, whatever. I frequently prepare food that I don't eat. I certainly don't label anyone as "cruel", or "stupid" because of their food preferences. So, I really don't know why saying "I'm vegetarian", or "I'm vegan" opens me up to having people say things like: "We're meant to eat meat. That's stupid.", or "Well, it says in the bible that we are supposed to have domain over animals." I don't understand how domain equals exploiting, and abusing. Anyway, I just avoid talking about it...except now.

Over the past year, or so, I have lost a considerable amount of weight. I never step on a scale, because IF I DO I either think "shit. This is pointless", or "yay. I can eat". Either way, it is self sabotage. I don't know the numbers. I was in size sixteen jeans when I started, and am now wearing a size nine...and still losing! I also don't generally enjoy talking about my weight loss. I'm always appreciative when someone notices that I've lost weight. However, it is not something that I like to dwell on. I just think that there are a lot of more important things to focus on. Losing weight has not made me smarter, or prettier, or kinder. Also, I don't want to make anyone who is struggling with weight to feel bad. Oh! And, it's also a boring topic. I'd rather discuss how igneous rocks are formed than how I made my fat-ass slightly less fat.

Since my weight loss is now very noticeable: I am often forced to talk about my diet. Everyone wants to know "what are you doing?". I want to say: "Meth. It's the best.", but I don't want anyone calling CPS on me. So, I tell that I'm working out, and.....I went vegan.Part of me would love to have one person look at me, and think "wow. She looks great, and she seems happy. Maybe I should go vegan." Then maybe I would be responsible for ONE LESS consumer of cruelty. However, usually the response I get is "whoa! I could never do that." I'll keep trying, though. I don't know why it seems so impossible to everyone. I think the perception is that vegans eat nothing but tofu every darn day. Not true. I manage to find vegan junk food on the regular...but, one doesn't lose weight by living on potato chips. So, I try to mix some veggies, and beans, and stuff into my potato chip/oreo diet. Yes! Oreos are vegan. Anyway, my eating habits aren't nearly as exotic, or interesting as people suspect.

I wouldn't be such a rarity if I lived in San Diego, or Portland, but I live in rural Oklahoma. Every other Ford truck here has a front plate that reads "BEEF". And everyone drives a Ford truck...unless you are complete white trash...then you drive a Dodge truck with an OU front plate. (I feel bad for people who actually have degrees from the University of Oklahoma because most of the people who sport their burgundy gear consider "Choose Your Own Adventure" books to be fine literature.) So, I am some ungodly hippie-freak. You know, the kind Merle Haggard hates. Mehhh. It's fine, though. I'll continue to be the lone freak out here, hoping to make it look cool, and appealing enough for someone else to try it.

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Alabaster Mom said...

I did some reading that indicated that the word "dominion" was basically mis-translated in the bible. The original meaning was something more akin to "stewardship," which would make a lot more sense. Stewardship implies a responsibility to provide care.

Oh, and the pro-bacon trend can go away anytime now.