Monday, September 28, 2009

Biodiesel Factory

Jason, in his quest to be more like Willie Nelson, is going to start making biodiesel. Willie runs his tour bus on biodiesel, if you didn't know. Anywho, the project is in its beginning stages. He will have to wait until spring when it is warmer to get it going. I know nothing about the biodiesel creation process. I just know that it requires used cooking oil, heat, and these impressive giant barrels (look to the right).
Our main family ride is a diesel F350 with a crew cab. Jason wants to drive for free. He has been looking at diesel mercedes from the 80's for me. I'm not going to comment about that.....but, yes he is serious.
Coming soon: Dammit Farms brand Biodiesel.


Allison said...

Sign me up! My husband would do the same thing if we had the resources. Oh, and in case you didn't read it on my blog, Ella's first swear word, said the other day, was dammit. :)

Sammy said...

There are some other ways in which I aspire to be like Willie Nelson! :-)

And I want to learn how to play the banjo!

Me said...

lol interesting... Great idea though. Hope it all works out for y'all!