Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Neverending Remodel

The outside portion of our restoration project is about done. Now that I have new siding and windows, I am thinking that my roof looks kind of shabby. It never stops. A new roof is not in my remodel budget this time around. Maybe in a couple years, or after a good hailstorm, we can replace it a la Allstate ;-)
Also, we need to landscape a bit now that we have a house worth landscaping. If I can just keep the goat from eating said landscaping, and keep the dogs from dragging random carcass portions into my yard...then maybe Dammit Farm won't look so much like a redneck hell. I am aiming for the stars, I tell ya.


Tiffany Larsen said...

If you ask me, you don't need a roof replacement. Your roof looks great and I don't see any sign of damage up there. You still have to make sure though. Some parts might need a little repair, especially if there are broken shingles. Even so, I think a roof replacement will be needed in the next five or ten years, maybe.

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Allyson Duguay said...

It's important that you determine what part of the house needs remodeling. If you know that your roof is still in good shape, then you don't have to spend money in replacing it. There might possibly be some parts of your home that needs improvement. You should focus on that.

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Anonymous said...

“ worth landscaping” - Indeed! The roof looks nice and it doesn't look shabby to me. I just hope that you have chosen the right kind of material for it to make it last for years. We can't wait to see the final outcome of this project! Keep the blog updated!

Roslyn Petermann @Twin Rivers Roofing