Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slightly Spiffier

We finally broke down, and hired a contractor to finish the "fun project" that is also know as our home. It turns out there's a reason why people pay other people to do carpentry jobs. That shit isn't easy. Here's a taste of the improvements to the house on Dammit Farm. The first phase is new windows, and "log cabin" siding.

The before

In the process.
Oh, and the older boys got new haircuts. Gunther's mohawk is back!
I can't wait to have my house be "done" and not have to explain anything to visitors. "We're in a transition phase..." Too bad the transition phase has lasted nearly five years.


searching4sarah said...

Ah, my house still needs that kind of TLC. Progress is slow. Love the pics of your family, and your bio. Looks like we may need to hang out, we have a lot in common. ~Sarah I.

Lue Madson said...

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Vernia Kale said...

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