Thursday, November 8, 2012

I've Acquired a Duck

A friend of mine, who lives in town, asked me if I wanted a duck. I was not in the market for the duck, or any animal at all. I seemed her only real option, though. I think someone got it for her kids, but she didn't have room for it. The thing was getting bigger. I got an e-mail that began "hey, you like animals?". I had a hard time saying no.

The duck is in my chicken house, which is currently void of chickens. I feel bad because A.) He/she is alone, and B.) I don't have a pond or any body of water on my property. I have given him (I have no idea if it's really a him) a large plastic tub that was once a goat waterer for now. He seems happy to piddle around in that. I wonder what the odds are of my husband digging me a pond?

My four year old has claimed him as "his duck". We're calling him Harold for now. My five year old now wants me to get him a turkey, or a rooster, or a duck, or a goose, or maybe a rooster. No, wait, a turkey...a baby turkey who likes ducks. The five year old has changed his mind about what kind of bird he needs 600 times. It's funny, because we have not once conceded to obtaining any poultry. I have no idea where the Baby Turkeys Who are Fond Of Ducks-r- US is located. Google maps needs to get on that shit.

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