Monday, February 20, 2012

Kaiser Wizer...

Kaiser Wizer Puddin Pie
His farts smell so bad,
they burn your eye
And when he poops on the floor mama sighs,
But we love our Kaiser Wizer Puddin Pie
That's Kaiser's poem. I can't claim authorship, though. That would be my husband's original verse.
We got Kaiser in October. He's an English Mastiff puppy. His food bill is sizable, but he is a sweet boy. He has stopped that floor poopin' stuff...and now he poops on my PORCH. Why the porch when we have five acres? I have no idea. Other than that, he is a good dog. He fits in well with our two other dogs. Jules, our ten year old coonhound, is actually quite fond of him. I have even caught the old girl engaging him in play outside. The boys adore him. Jason treats him like he is one of OUR babies. I am only mildly annoyed by his hoarding of shoes...mainly because he likes to move my shoes on me during the night, so I can spend thirty minutes I don't have finding them the next morning. Cute. I am very much in love with him despite his bad habits.

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