Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Mice I've Murdered

I seem to have a rodent theme this month. I didn't plan on that.

An unfortunate downside to living in the country is that every pest in a two-mile radius sees my home as a beacon of warmth and food. We have experienced several waves of field-mice migration into our home. I used to feel bad for them, because they are darn cute! If I saw one, I wouldn't tell my husband because I knew that he would kill it. After all, they aren't maliciously attacking us or anything. They just want to be away from the cold and have an ample supply of crumbs.

My sympathy for them ceased one day this summer. I was changing the crib linens. I lifted the teddy bear in the corner to expose mouse poo. I screamed in horror. You'd think I found a mountain lion hiding there. Since then it has been war. I would use humane traps, but I don't have time to find new homes for pests. I'm sure that they would just make their way back here anyway. My dogs are useless. I've seen them lay there and watch as a mouse scurries past. "There goes Murray", is what I imagine they think as they hold their position on the couch. So, now there is poison in every nook of the house that I'm sure neither a dog or baby can access. I don't like to think about what the poison does to the mice. I'm sure it's not good. I justify my cruelty by the fact that I have babies and animals, and I cannot have them ingesting rodent excrement.

Recently I have noticed some unusual holes in clothing. Not from wear, but from something eating the fabric. A new batch of immigrants had made the laundry room home. I put out some fresh poison. I can't afford to replace clothing from rodent damage, the hopeless stains that Barrett creatively makes, and Gunther's colossal diaper blowouts.

A few days had passed and I had forgotten all about the holes and the poison. I forgot about all of it until I was leaving one afternoon and a little mouse stumbled out of the laundry room. She was dying from the poison. The little thing sat there, her eyes opening and shutting for a few seconds. She saw me, but couldn't move. Her belly was round and full. She was pregnant, poor girl. She had come here to find a warm place for her babies and now poison was wrecking her innards. Guilt consumed me as I watched her die. "I'm sorry" I mouthed.

I am turning full pest-control duties over to my husband. He is much better at being cruel.

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Justi said...

That just sucks, Audrey. I can however tell you that from dealing with this problem, myself, not that long ago, the thing that worked for us was actually a few things. One was the D-con baits (which I am guessing that you are using). We also had the pest control people in to put professional baits down. This one mouse was stubborn and would stay in my oven when I cooked, yes, when I cooked. I also found three (at diff. times) mice in my washing machine. The very first time that I found one, it was dead as I was pulling the wet laundry out. I am glad that I didn't grab it. The next two times, I had seen them alive when I went to put laundry in and just put the washer on the 2nd rinse cycle and drowned it. I also have to say that the "Tomcat" glueboards work well, except the mice will be yipping when you see it stuck to it. But, it is worth it! I was determined to get rid of the mice that we had! What is funny about that is that we live in the city, not the country. But, we still got them! We have been rid of them for quite some time now, thankfully. I was grossed out by it, seriously! I found the mouse droppings in my linen closet and refused to believe it wa from a mouse until I seen the darn thing run! I had to wash all the linens and everything. Ugh! Anyway, I hope that you get rid of them! You need to get rid of them because they WILL nest in your house! They WILL make more mice. They mate quickly, from what I understand. Good luck!!

Justi said...

Forgot to say...the glueboards are inexpensive and can be bought at Wal*mart. :)

Nicole said...

They are really cute.

But not running inside the house. Just wait and see what all craly things your boys will bring home with the years. . Then perhabs you are wishing back the mouse.

Audreee said...

Thanks for the tips. I'm afraid of the glue the idea of them starving to death bugs me. I'm glad to hear that someone else has combatted this problem and had success.

Justi said...

With the glue boards, they won't really starve to death. You will find them before they have a chance to starve, kwim?!? GL!